This is already the guitar riff, the most memorable of the year. It opens in majesty to the song Sunday Driver , from Help Us, Stranger , the new album from The Raconteurs, which he punctuates with an efficiency diabolical. At a time when some éditorialisent to shove on the disappearance of the electric guitar and ringardise those who use it, Jack White delivers an album full as an egg motifs, impactful and addictive. And the supergroup he formed with the former champion of power pop: Brendan Benson’s offering, for his return after eleven long years of absence, a rock album phenomenal. A disc of his time, who feels neither mothballs nor the “it was better before”, which proves that electric music has not said its last word, contrary to what predict the Cassandra which some explain with the utmost seriousness that the guitar embodies “a virilisme gone out of fashion”. Go explain that to the singers of St Vincent and Anna Calvi, two of the largest …

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