Verida is a bride-to-be. She lives at home with his parents in Mauritania, has been working in the beauty salon family and should be married in three months. But far from sharing the euphoria of many promises, it must comply with the tradition of mauritania. The gavage, which requires them to take the weight, twenty pounds. Because down there, in some families, the curves are a guarantee of great beauty, and Verida, with only 77 kg, is considered ugly by her future husband and his future family-in-law. She eats day and night for the dishes cooked by his mother. As she takes in these large quantities, it is often attempted (and us) to spit out this painful pittance. Verida lives evil transformation of his body.

“A story of the same phenomenon in Western Europe, but with requirements to the contrary”

Michela Occhipinti, director

While his father’s hand desperately in the desert look for the nuggets to build up her dowry, Verida lives his life as a young modern woman who likes to go out with her friends, shopping and hanging out in the city. If the situation seems to be already …

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