The authors sometimes get upset not to be more than a name, are condemned to success, which to him is attached. This is what Romain Gary has tried under the name Emile Ajar and that a number of hoaxes have been sent to publishing houses by unknown persons who copied the tapes under their own name of the manuscripts of Marguerite Duras and ricanaient to see refused.

twenty-six dancers from the troupe have remained silent on behind the scenes of the year. Arno Paul

Petter Jacobsson, choreographer and director of Ballet de Lorraine, wanted to apply the principle to the dance, las to the conclusion that there encensait some choreographers on their name alone, because he must love under pain of passing for a philistine. And that it was time to make the viewer use his or her judgment and her eyes.

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“No power, a little knowledge, a little wisdom, and the most flavor possible,” already claimed by Roland Barthes. If the spectators have had nothing to guide them, the authors felt freed of their style, their reputation, their targets, and their prejudices. They have tried new ways or found old. Twenty-six dancers remained silent on behind the scenes of the year. Each of the five choreographers, has created a piece of a quarter of an hour.

The public to dive now, with no other mark than his own pleasure.

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