HIS TRAINING. Roman Frayssinet, 24 years old, was trained in Canada where he went at the age of 18 years after having passed a scientific baccalaureate. Born in Chevilly-Larue (Val-de-Marne), a father managing director of a advertising company and a mother, officer of civil status in his town hall home, the boy was an intern for the production Just for laughs and is now a graduate of the School of laughter of Montreal. He was spotted by Kyan Khojandi (creator of the series Short with Navo), which was presented in the first part of his show and Mouloud Achour, the host of Clique Sunday on Channel +. In the beginning of the year, Roman began a second season in the broadcast with a column-shifted.

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HIS TEXTS. Sacred best hope of a laugh by The new yorker in November 2018, Roman Frayssinet is illustrated by the originality of its writing and its themes of the absurd and surreal. He draws his inspiration in itself. His body first, which pushes him to do things he doesn’t want, to begin by getting up after a boozy night, the ugliness of male genitals, adolescence, childhood, and the desire to celebrate as quickly as possible its 80 years for “broken lives” . Its “funny idea” that the work as a jump from a balcony.

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HIS “GAME” MINIMALIST. In the sweat and jean with holes, white socks raised high above his sneakers, Roman Frayssinet is leaning on the pole of the microphone as a bar counter. A hand hiding her eyes, that night, a beer posed on a stool, it is limited to gestures and simple practice, moving only when necessary. Not too much. A little to interpret Adam and Eve. Finally, more than Blanche Gardin, of which he has also done the first part. One of his idols, with Gad Elmaleh, who has given him the urge to do stand-up.

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