The U.S. electric car manufacturer Tesla writes for the first time in two years, back in the black. Thanks to the increase in production of the Model 3, the first middle-class car of the group, increased the net profit in the third quarter to 311.5 million dollars, as the group announced. It was a “truly historic quarter” for Tesla, wrote to company boss Elon Musk in a letter to shareholders that was submitted to US closing.

It is the highest, but also only the third quarterly profit for Tesla since the IPO in 2010. In the corresponding period last year, a loss of approximately 619 million dollars in the balance sheet. In the previous quarter to a loss of 718 million dollars, was even. The sales between July and September amounted to 6.8 billion dollars, in the annual comparison, it increased by almost 130 percent. In after-hours trading, Tesla shares rose after the announcement of the winning numbers temporarily to 14 percent.

the Model 3 Tesla is offering for the first Time, a cheaper electric car for the mass market. The model is considered to be bearers of hope for the group, the production did, however, slow. At the same time, there are concerns that the hasty expansion of production could lead to defects. At the end of the third quarter, the weekly production rate was already at 5,300 Model of 3 vehicles for the entire quarter 56.065 pieces were delivered. Including the more expensive models S and X, which are no longer available, delivered Tesla throughout the last year roughly 101,000 vehicles.

before the end of the year, Tesla will also take in Europe and China, orders for the Model 3. The sales in Europe will start in 2019. In addition, Musk stated that he had been given the green light for the prototype of the new Mini SUV Model Y to go to 2020 in the production.

Musk had made a profit months ago. In the past, he was, however, repeated with unrealistic deadlines and objectives. In August, he announced on Twitter to delist the company from the stock exchange. Soon after, the Plan was tilted back. The U.S. securities and exchange Commission determined, therefore, because of market manipulation against Musk, investors filed a lawsuit. Musk had to withdraw after an agreement with the SEC as chief of the Board of Directors. He and Tesla had to pay 20 million dollars.