Since my son was about 14 years old, my husband, and he small conflicts. I verniedliche the this time, of course something. I think so secretly, that it is a question of who the Alpha is. Just as in a pride of lions. Since the Teenage lions are trying to make the old lions of the area in dispute. Even though the old lion is much bigger and much stronger. The Teenager-lion overestimate. To the Teenager-lion of a day … but we leave the.

My husband says that our son behaves, stinking, lazy, selfish, and sometimes headless, that you could call it also confidently stupid. Maxi says that he understands the Problem of his father at all. Our son, but since he was 14 is also loud funny stuff! An Example?

In the eighth grade in the camp, there were four rules. One of these rules should be broken, it would take a reference.

rule No. 1: You must not smoke.Rule No. 2: You must not to the girls on floor two.Rule no 3: You are not allowed for safety reasons on the balcony.Rule no 4: You are not allowed to leave after 22 hours, the room.

My son was caught against 24 hours and Smoking on the balcony of a girl’s room. If, then, he pulls it right the first time.

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam “Good news, both go away kids!” “Then we can naked on the Couch!” A chilled drink right on the bed

Then he always had strange desires. It all started with a Mini-fridge for his room. That’s why he begged us for weeks, and annoyed. I remember like today: “six of the cans fit inside. I’m so pretty when I lie in bed, and then over on the other side must attack and something Cool to have to drink!” The Argument that the large refrigerator makes down cold, let Max do not apply. The proximity to the bed was enormously important.

After half a year, we have agreed to be unnerved, and him the said Mini-fridge as a Christmas gift – only, so Max tells us three days later that the fridge make so much noise that no human could sleep. Since then, the refrigerator was no longer in operation. Shortly thereafter, the Boy wanted Crusher a Ice. “I am so beautiful, if I can make me a drink with ice!” My husband has held up to me a year and a half that the refrigerator 70!! Euro cost.

The thing with fashion

Then we went for two weeks to Croatia on holiday and I was Stupid to leave the children alone to pack. Therefore, the children had a bag with charging cables, but Max only a single Pair of shoes. Flip-Flops! Is super, if your father was happy lunatic on the long-awaited game of tennis with the son, and to two times a week, Gala evening is a dress code. My husband has me long the kept I the children alone got to pack.

Then the Goa-pants came from. A Goa-pants, where the crotch between the knees. Maximilian came home one day and stood proudly in the living room with the words: “Hot pants, are you? Is a Goa-pants! Has me of Dan from Thailand!” My husband was horrified, and replied, shaking his head: “This is a fast-fucking pants! You’re wearing definitely not on the road!”

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam Is really nice here! What is happening in Bavaria – even if you can hardly believe What is the thinking?

Then his phone has given up the Ghost, and the son of man wanted to have a new Samsung, for the whole family, including grandpa’s and grandma’s on Christmas day donated. Five days after Christmas, I’ll see him through the window, as he cycles to his friend and the new phone flies in a large arc from the oversized pockets of the Goa-trousers, and several times on the road starts up, before it remains. Dunk, dunk, dunk, jam.

The little Would-be lion had quite a strange Whatsapp Status, such as: Deep down in me, I’m a scavenger! What the hell is that, I ask myself??

All Attempts by my husband to take with him, and commented with the words: “If it must be.” Talks ended with the words: “Can I go now?”

Eventually, he wanted a Shisha. With 15! And because we have not given in, he was insulted for weeks.


Claudia Herrmann says about himself: “I am the best mother and the best wife. And certainly not the best daughter. Perfection, others may not – I. At some point I’ve decided that doesn’t matter to me. This works best with a huge dose of self-irony.”

©Private, Max also has very strange Hobbies

My husband wanted to inspire him, always for playing Golf, but the puppy would rather make other things. For example, chilies breed. He has operated a full year with enthusiasm. Then cacti, the giant pumpkins and Giant sunflowers. Last year I found in our garden plants, which I think is highly suspect. I have, however, said as a precaution, my husband nothing about it.

When Max was 16, he desperately wanted hemp syrup! Should I order on my Amazon Account. The there and that would be totally legal. So googled and it is actually legal. Every argument is stripped, I have ordered so hemp syrup, and since then, advertising for Long Tapes, Grinder, and socks with little marijuana buds for it to be running at me from the side. I think I should order something at work …

Secret sex life

Eventually, my husband had the suspicion that the Boy might be gay. I don’t know why.
“And?”, I asked him. “But don’t care!”
“Yes, Yes”, he answered nervously. “But need not be, or?”
“It egaaaaal would be!”, I have drunk him unnerved. Always this stupid fear of the men, that the son might be gay.
Hannah has abgelacht the ass, as you heard from the Fears of her father. Especially since you knew of the ten Chicks that Max had in the last year. We don’t.

The two had a terrible fight, because my husband wants a home Wi-Fi. Max thinks it’s an unreasonable condition, the borders on animal cruelty.

Claudia Herrmann, “Full-ungechillt! How I survived the adolescence of my children”, 282 pages, grove press, € 9.99, here, can be ordered

The thing with the car

Now the Boy was of full age and need a car. My husband has imagined actually, so that the two men in the weeks view before cars, common test runs make, data compare, and this is a real men thing. Max came in one day with an 18-year-old Audi A4 that had winches. Has him a buddy for 800 Euro is concerned. My husband has beaten, horrified, hands over his head, especially since Max had no idea of the technical condition, which is the vehicle of insurance and taxes costs. “I find the full Horny!”, he beamed at us. Since he has the vehicle, it acts, in my view, as driving the end dump. What are there only on returnable bottles under the Seats and on the seat!

In recent times has improved, the ratio of the two, and I audibly sigh in relief. This stupid undercurrent of dispute as to who the alpha dog is! The am anyway I! The only use for it, none of the two! But the main thing is, the two understand.

Until yesterday. Since Max came to us with the request to daddy’s station wagon because of the buddy moves. The throw-in of his father, he is supposed to meet today to play Golf, I received the reply: “You can take meanwhile, my car!” In the evening my husband came home and threw his Golf glove on the table with the words: “YOUR SON! He’s crazy! In the car, the reverse is not gear! I don’t believe it! In which car in the reverse gear does not work? What is a Hooptie! My Golf buddy had to push me out! On The Golf Course! Do you know how embarrassing that was?!!”

was pissed! Soon. I’ve comforted me. Soon the Boy has a brain.